Proven effectiveness against all Coronaviruses, including COVID-19

Effective against all Coronaviruses, including COVID-19

Vi-Bac is Hospital grade Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-Viral disinfectant

Hospital Grade Disinfectant


Alcohol & Bleach Free

Alcohol Free
Paraben Free
Fragrance Free

Vi-Bac is the essential Anti-microbial Alcohol Free Disinfectant Hygiene System

Fighting bacteria has never been more important, and Vi-Bac represents your number one choice of antimicrobial disinfectant. Our range is credited against a wide range of fungi, bacteria and viruses and has not only passed but actually exceeded the EN test standard for effectiveness against COVID-19 and all other known Coronaviruses.

Vi-Bac is also alcohol free so it will not damage hands, surfaces or equipment in the way that products containing alcohol or bleach may do.




Alcohol Free

Paraben Free

Fragrance Free

Vi-Bac 750ml Antimicrobial Alcohol-Free Disinfectant/Sanitiser Spray

Vi-Bac 600ml Antimicrobial Alcohol-Free Foam Hand Soap & Sanitiser (Includes pump dispenser)

Vi-Bac 5ltr Ready-To-Use Antimicrobial Alcohol-Free Disinfectant/Sanitiser (Refill)

Vi-Bac can be used as a disinfectant 
across these locations

Care & residential homes
Medical and healthcare surgeries
Health clubs and spas
Fitness clubs and gyms
Leisure centres
Holiday parks
Caravan parks
Contract cleaning companies and contract cleaners)
Facilities management companies (FM)

Domestic households
Commercial kitchens
Hospitality and catering events
Pubs & restaurants
Children’s nurseries
Children’s indoor & outdoor play areas and facilities
Dentists and dental surguries
Steam rooms and saunas
Swimming pools




Alcohol Free

Paraben Free

Fragrance Free

Why Choose Vi-bac?

When you’re looking for antimicrobial protection for your equipment, surfaces or hands, you can be completely confident that Vi-Bac is the perfect choice. Designed to be entirely free of alcohol, parabens and fragrances it won’t cause any damage – unlike products that contain bleach or alcohol. When you use Vi-Bac, you can rest assured that you’ll be safe from harm, whether from bacteria and viruses or irritation and bleaching.

Vi-Bac’s Benefits

Vi-Bac antimicrobial protection products offer a host of benefits including the following: Vi-Bac antimicrobial protection products offer a host of benefits including the following:

• Anti-Fungal
• Anti-Viral
• Anti-Bacterial
• Fragrance Free
• Paraben Free
• Alcohol Free

When you buy from us you can enjoy the complete peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve chosen hygiene products that will care for your skin and surfaces alike, and that will offer the ultimate protection from contamination.

Our Products

Whether you’re looking for antimicrobial protection from COVID-19, an effective antibacterial cleaning product for surfaces, or a powerful hand sanitiser, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for in the Vi-Bac range.

We stock:

• All-in-one hand sanitiser and surface disinfectant.
• Alcohol-free disinfectant surface spray
• 2-in-1 hand soap and sanitiser
• Foam hand sanitiser
• Dispensers
• Cost effective product refills
• PPE products
• Hygiene swab tests
• Fogging machines and mist sprayers

Our hospital grade products are all of the highest quality and offer full protection from all viruses, bacteria and fungi. Suitable for use across a broad spectrum of industries from healthcare settings to catering environments, put your trust in Vi-Bac and protect yourself, your employees and the public.

Vi-Bac Surface Spray

Vi-Bac Surface Spray saves time with it’s ready-to-use, no rinsing formula. Just spray over any surface, leave for up to 2 minutes, then either wipe dry with a clean dry cloth or leave to air dry.


Vi-Bac Foam Hand Sanitiser

Vi-Bac Hand Sanitiser foam pump dispenser makes sanitising your hands super easy! Simply dispense 1 shot of Vi-Bac hand sanitiser on the hands.

3 TIMES more economical to dispensed liquid & gels, providing 800 shots per bottle!


Vi-Bac 5Ltr Refills

With a Vi-Bac ready to use 5Ltr refills you’ll never be caught short, simply use to refill spray bottle or dispencers, saving you money and reducing your plastic use.



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