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Handheld Portable Cordless Disinfectant Fogger Gun

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√ 6 blue light spray ports
√ 600ml tank capacity for Vi-Bac Antimicrobial disinfectant
√ Cordless with USB charging port
√ Adjustable spray regulator
√ 1.5 metre spray distance
√ Disperses as low as 40 microns
√ Works up to 150 mins from full charge
√ Simple-to-use one button switch design
√ Built in filter & porous heat dissipation
√ USB charging port
√ Anti-clogging design
√ ABS non-slip & comfortable grip
√ Simply leave overnight or wipe dry
√ Ideal for small areas, offices, shops etc…
√ Safe & easy-to-use (Instructions included)

The Portable handheld cordless fogger gun is ideal for sanitising small areas like offices, residential bedrooms, hotel rooms, small shops, studios and more. The cordless fogging sprayer is extremely economical in product use and disperses a fine mist. Completely disinfect a room within seconds!

Add the 5ltr Vi-bac Antimicrobial disinfectant refill to use through the fogging sprayer


The spray head is adjustable from a direct jet spray up to a fine mist to suit your application & without missing any surfaces. Best results; Spray the whole area at the end of the day & leave the Vi-Bac disinfectant to dry overnight. This will continue to work on the surfaces. Vi-Bac disinfectant will not harm any surfaces, porous & non porous.

TIP; Spray the area that requires disinfecting at the end of the day, to allow time to dry on surfaces / floors overnight. Or wipe dry after 2 minutes contact time. (After spraying windows and mirrors, it is advisable to wipe dry with a clean dry cloth to avoid any residue running to the bottom & for a smear-free finish.

Small areas, Spa & massage areas, offices, restaurants, catering, medical & dental environments, Leisure centres, schools, hospitals, children’s nurseries, trains, buses, & many more……………..

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